24/7 Security

Cricket Street Business Park is one of the most secure sites in the Wigan Borough.

Combining an electric perimeter fence with 24/7 manned security we can offer our tenants peace of mind that their property is protected even in out of work hours.

Uniqwin (UK) Ltd

Uniqwin (UK) Ltd

Our manned guards are provided by Uniqwin (UK) Ltd. All their guards are fully SIA licensed, qualified and trained.

Their role on site is to:

  • Stop and question site visitors to prevent unwanted guests
  • Monitor traffic onto site
  • Perform nightly foot patrols
  • Man the CCTV around the gatehouse
  • Operate the electric fence
24/7 Security

Electric Fence

The site is fully surrounded by a perimeter high tensile electric fence. It provides both a physical and psychological barrier against intruders.

The fence is monitored daily by the security guards who are alerted to any problems. The fence complies with all current UK, EU and IEC international standards.

Electric fencing has now been accepted as the main line of boundary defence for many companies in the UK and Europe to solve perimeter security problems for both small and large businesses. It has proved to greatly reduce thefts from businesses and in the majority of cases has stopped them completely, as has been the case for us.

We are able to accommodate the requirements of businesses both big and small - from simple storage solutions to full scale manufacturers.